NanoKnife (IRE) for localised prostate cancer

29 Jan 2018

Prof Stricker's unit at St Vincent's and the Kinghorn Cancer Centre has been appointed the Asia-Pacific region training centre for NanoKnife therapy.

Professor Stricker's team at St Vincent's Hospital has now been appointed as the Asia-Pacific region training site for the development of NanoKnife treatments. Stricker and his team have now performed over 200 cases. During this period they have published over seven international peer-reviewed publications on these treatment which included complete oncological and quality of life follow up research.

They are now commencing a full training programme to help set up other units throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. This training programme will incorporate  patient selection, best practice treatment and followup and collective data management.  Furthermore, Prof Stricker envisages that this will allow further research

Key aspects

From diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and research, I believe my highly experienced team and I bring a multifaceted approach to understanding and helping our patients. A summary of these key aspects of that approach is available here in PDF format. If you are suffering from prostate cancer or have reason to believe you might be, you are welcome to contact us or, intially, complete our comprehensive second opinion form.