AJU invite to write an editorial

26 Oct 2016

Professor Stricker was invited to write an editorial in the well known American "Journal of Urology" on NanoKnife focal therapy for prostate cancer. The focus of the editorial wil be the review of outcomes of NanoKnife focal therapy for prostate cancer at the Sloan Kettering Centre in the United States.

Professor Stricker, who is now one of the most experienced in the world in focal NanoKnife therapy, was invited this month to do an editorial for a publication on focal NanoKnife therapy published from the Sloan Kettering in New York. Professor Stricker who has now done approximately 120 cases and has submitted results for focal NanoKnife therapy both in the setting of primary treatment and also after failed radiotherapy. He commented on the excellent outcomes in terms of sexual function and urinary function but did critique the study from Sloan Kettering. In particular he made a comment that patient selection in this group of people is critical to getting ideal outcomes and in his own series has recognised that the selection of the appropriate patient for focal NanoKnife therapy is critical to getting good outcomes both in terms of salvage treatment and primary treatment. In his own series, he is currently achieving an 80-90% clearance of tumour in the area treated in the primary and salvage setting.

Key aspects

From diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and research, I believe my highly experienced team and I bring a multifaceted approach to understanding and helping our patients. A summary of these key aspects of that approach is available here in PDF format. If you are suffering from prostate cancer or have reason to believe you might be, you are welcome to contact us or, intially, complete our comprehensive second opinion form.