Second Opinion

Choosing a treatment for prostate cancer is no small task, as no two patients are the same and numerous factors impact on both the treatment and outcomes. From individual factors to the experience of each practitioner, a second opinion can help to ensure that you choose a treatment that offers the best possible outcomes.

For all men, deciding a course of treatment is no easy task. But there is one thing for sure – each patient must be comfortable in his decision.

To meet for a second opinion simply contact my practice or you can begin by completing the second opinion here

Assessment form

By providing the information requested below A/Prof Stricker will be able to give an opinion about which treatment is the most appropriate for you.

1. Your details

All information in this section is required
Date of Birth
Phone No.

2. Tumour and prostate biopsy information

Have you had a digital rectal examination (DRE) ?  
PSA level
Free to total PSA ratio % ( if done )
Gleason Score
How many biopsy samples were taken ?
How many of these samples had cancer ?
Please attach pathology report here
Or you can fax it to us on 02 8382 6978

3. Prostate information

Size of prostate (grams or cc)
Urinary symptoms
Prostatitis (burning, pelvic pain)
Fear of incontinence*

4. Local information

Previous pelvic or abdominal surgery
Previous radiotherapy
Previous pelvic injury
Previous hernia operations

5. Patient information

a) Sexual factors

Quality of erections    
Current relationship status single
Importance of sexual function *
Preparedness to use sexual aids

b) Bowel factors

Bowel symptons  
Fear of bowel problems    

c) General health

Longevity in family
Weight (kgs)
Height (cms)

d) Family history

Prostate cancer
Breast cancer
Bowel cancer

6. Staging tests

Bone scan  
CT Scan  
Chest X-ray  
I have read the privacy policies and understand that by completing and sending this form I give St Vincents Prostate Cancer Clinic my consent for the collection and appropriate use of this information.

About Phillip

Phillip is the Chairman of the Department of Urology, St Vincent's Private Hospital and Clinic since 2003, and a Director of the St Vincent's Prostate Cancer Centre.

The Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre in New South Wales recently appointed him as clinical director. He is also a member of the National Prostate Cancer Research Centre

Philip is currently the highest volume robotic surgeon in Australasia

He is perhaps best known for his work developing nerve sparing techniques to help patients maximise potency